A Cryptocurrency with real usability

  • Money transfer
  • Service Payment
  • Store Payments
  • Restaurant Payments
  • Donations
  • Rewards in Games
  • Purchase of NFTs
  • And much more…

What are GWN Coin?

GWN Coin is a cryptocurrency that will help cut borders and is on the Binance blockchain. Gwn will make life easier for people than life in countries where technology is the order of the day, or where technological backwardness does not allow it to advance.

Where are we going?

With the GWN Coin app and the Gowinnable app we will help to shorten distances and with them, to teach the world that cryptocurrencies are the present and the financial future.

Structure GWN Coin

Initial Cost of GWN Coin: 0.00023 BUSD
Terms and conditions on sale The initial cost will be respected and will increase with supply and demand like other alt coins
Will the price change before it comes out? It will not be possible.
Maximum supply available on launch day: 700,858,055
How to buy the GWN Coin: Payment with BUSD in Pancakeswap
GWN Availables


  • 27% For the payment of services

    You can pay for services or receive payments for services rendered

  • 39% Money Transfers

    Send money to your relatives and let them manage it according to their needs.

  • 12% Payment in Restaurants and Supermarkets

    You can pay for what you consume in GWN-affiliated restaurants and supermarket chains

  • 6% Donations and collect money

    You can make campaigns to collect money and it can also be used for donations.


February 2021
The first capital contribution for development is sought
June 2021
The corporate image of GWN Coin is created
August 2021
A developer is hired to make the Cryptocurrency
Auguts 17 2021
The GWN Coin is available for purchase on Pancakeswap
May 2021
Seed capital for development is raised
July 2021
First Zoom meeting to begin charting the path that GWN Coin will take
August 2021
GWN Coin is Enlisted in Pancakeswap


What is a GWN Coin?

GWN Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that will help cut borders and is on the Binance blockchain.

What do you mean "decentralized"?

GWN Coin operates according to rules agreed upon by consensus, rather than decided by some founding or owning entity.

What do you mean by "cryptocurrency"?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital and decentralized currency. Cryptocurrencies can be used to buy and sell things, and their potential to store and increase value has also caught the attention of many investors.

In which exchanges can you buy, sell and trade GWN coins?

Initially GWN will be available on Pancakeswap and later on other exchanges such as BiSwap, MDEX, BurgerSwap, 1inch & BakerySwap and when GWN Coin reaches popularity it will be listed on Binance and other major exchanges.

If I have a business and I want to receive payments with GWN Coin, what should I do?

Just send us an e-mail with your information and write to us telling us about your business and the type of services you offer and we will help you.

What will be the usability of the GWN Coin?

Pay for Products and Services, Send and receive money or crypto assets through our platform efficiently and safely. Also withdraw GWN Coin through your GWN account and receive fiat or cryptocurrencies in the wallet or bank of your choice.

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